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Name:HP Shore Of Angst
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This is a small playground I have tried to provide for us all. I created it with a very laid back and low- stress- community in mind. So, this playground has its very own set of rules, and runs quite differently from most of the other huge, wonderful and amazing fests!


Round 1

happened 2016 from February - June

Round 2

Prompting from: 1.- 31. July

Posting: 1. August- 31. January

Notice: during December this playground will be closed- because there is so much amazing stuff going on and I'll not able to keep track. (Also yay for all the other awesome December-fest-things!)

Rules for this small sandbox

  1. This is a MULTI- SHIP com- if a paring is not to your liking- don't read!

  2. Play nice with each other!

  3. HOWEVER: I run with the belief that offenceBE can only be taken!
    Good feedback may also point out flaws in the story. Take it as advice not as offenseAE

    Please don't try to be a critic just for the sake of it!
    Be sure you are pointing out flaws and mistakes, and not just styles or happenings you don't like. Think about how much work goes into the writing, how much work you put into your own writing- are you sure your comment can help improve the story? Then yes, point out flaws. If you are anything like me, just stay with the good stuff and praise them.

  4. BUT if someone is going against the ship you sail, your writing style as a whole or you as a person please do contact me via pm - and we will try to sort things out

  5. I reserve the right to kick you out, if you drag down other ships (NO TUMBLR behaviour on this LJ com)!

  6. You MUST be at least 18 years to join and you are responsible for only reading content that is legal in your location

  7. If you run into any kind of problem in your stay at this sandbox- feel free to contact me, on this mod account via pm- and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you receive no answer after 3 days, please pm me again, I might have overlooked it.

    1. Rules for creating and stuff:

      1. ANYTHING goes!

        (as long as it is somehow associated with angst.

        What does this mean:

        • There is no word minimum or maximum: you want to do a haiku?
          Totally alright in my book.

        • You would like to write a 100k long story because awesome prompt was awesome?
          Go ahead (I just ask you to finish your story and do NOT post WIPs).

        • The prompt you found works great with another monthly prompt from somewhere else?
          Please, be my guest. Just make sure you post to both places.

        • Starting February 2017: There will be monthly prompts: 1 picture and 1 word/phrase to be taken up with any pairing and mixed up with all the other monthly challenges out there.

        • You are not a writer but an artist?
          Go you! Art is always great- and very welcome here.

        • So is podfic (I'm a sucker for podfic; so please go ahead and record all the fic!!!).

        • You are good at knitting, crocheting, or decorating with buttercream icing? And you can make it angsty and HP related!?
          Great! Take a prompt and go to work!
          Anything goes- street art, food- art; heck- your flowers look like HP characters- and you can make a picture story with them- please do so!
          please note: If you go ahead and make an HP- cake or any other food or drink- please provide the recipe, so that others can taste the sweet angst too.

        • A prompt inspires you to do a list of music that would tell the story?
          Totally a go- BUT make sure the music is available for us all - and create some form of CD cover art inspired by the prompt.

        • You want to make a video that fits the prompt and tells the story? You are using either film-clips or are making a slide show of your own art, or art by others and have been given permission to use that art?
          That's awesome, create all the videos!

        • All ships, all generations - everything is totally go! Rare, cannon, het, slash, whatever you like.

        • This goes also for the genres. There must be angst obviously, but if you want to go all fluff/horror/medieval times /things I can't think of now/ along with your angst feel free to do so. AS long as the prompt does not state otherwise!

      2. Prompting and Claiming

        I know this sounds difficult and really confusing and messy, BUT I do have a system in mind that should help us all find the prompts we are looking for more easily and should also help with finding fics we would like to read, so I beg you to please bear with me. Thank you.

        • There is a month of prompting!

          Please note there will be 4 different PROMPTING posts (don't worry if you get it wrong on the first try- I will do my utter best to help you through my confusing system):

          1. for All before Trio- Era

            (from the Founders through Dumbledore, Riddle, the Lestranges, Snape all the way down to Tonks ect., ect)

          2. for Trio Era (aka the one the book describes, aka Harry's)

          3. for Next- Generation Era

          4. for Cross-Era

          Note:Era here means Hogwarts- School- Generation:

          For example: Percy, Fred, George and Ron are in the same Era;

          also: Bill, Charlie, Tonks, Lupin, Dumbledore, and Helga Hufflepuff are in the same Era- as they all left school (or were building it) before Harry went into school.

        • If you want to make a prompt along the lines of: "Character A and Character B do blah blah blah..."
          (meaning that it's not the character, who is important but rather what is happening )
          then you have 2 options:

          1. Post it on the era- prompting post where you would like it to see the most .

          2. Or you can post it in all the prompting posts at the same time.

          You can do it whichever way you like.

        • Regarding Gen- Prompts the same rules apply:

          1. You post your Prompt in the Era you want your Main-Character to come from - and the author to focus on that character, and the characters point of view.

          2. Or you post it in all the Prompting - Posts it would fit

          Example: Gen: Mrs. Figg watching over Harry, through the years --> would go into both Cross-Era as a mentor prompt, or into All before Trio as a character focusing prompt, so that we may learn more about her, and how she lives, and what's up with her cats

        • Animals belong to the Era of their owners. But yes, you can prompt about animals too.

        • Self - prompting is totally allowed- but your prompt must be posted during the month of prompting in the right prompting post.

        • Each prompt can be claimed numerous times. Later, there will be a mod-comment on each taken prompt linking it to the work(s) created for it.

        • The Rule above makes it necessary to limit one prompt per comment! Otherwise it will get really confusing.

        • This also means you can take a prompt from round 2 in round (let's be positive here) 4.

        • Please note as part of this com's rules, you can't decide how your prompt will be taken and what will be made with it. Anything is a GO as long as it does not go against your prompt.

      3. Posting

        • this is a SELF-POSTING com. You create. You post here: either under an lj-cut, or by providing links to where your creation can be found.

        • There is a template provided for how to post and there is an example of tagging and titling your posts (Links will be provided here once I have set everything up). Please check them out, and if you are still not sure, please pm me. This is to make things easy for ME and also for you

        • Please do me a favour and LINK back to the prompt you have taken

        • All work with mentions of underage-sex has to be f-locked!

        • Any fanfic longer than 2k MUST be beta-read and have one beta mentioned in the header (of course it's always better to work with a beta, I know sometimes it's just not working that way)
          just because everyone overlooks some small mistakes
          I won't proof your entry, but I will check if there is a beta!

      4. Why is the mod going on about keeping track of things?

        • There will be a roundup post at the two-month mark

        • During every month of prompting (except the first one) I will post the master-list of creations from the previous round

        • I will link each filled prompt to the work(s) for that prompt

        • Once a year there will be a year-in- review post with all sorts of statistics, because I'm a sucker for math and numbers.

        • So please bear with me because I really tried to make everything so I can keep on top of things without bothering you too much

      This shall be the rules for this little corner of the internet and I wish us all great fun playing in this "angsty" sandbox and I hope you enjoy your stay here!


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      If you are an Affiliate please feel free to announce all that is happening in your community here!
      Just please make sure to use the tag: Affiliates
      start your header with [Affiliate News:]
      Thank you for you! </li>
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